Cooking Classes

Have fun in the kitchen while learning easy chef techniques that will give you confidence to prepare phenomenal meals!  Join Chef Reto Biaggi for private or group lessons where he instructs you in a fun, laid back atmosphere.  The following classes are available:

  • Cooking One on One – Hands on cooking class with just you and the chef.
  • Gourmet Dinner Class – This class is for up to eight guests.  Do you have a group of friends and are looking for a creative date night out?  Cooking with Reto is the perfect solution.  Hourly chef fee is $45 per hour plus the cost of food.
  • Group Class – This is the perfect outing for a bridesmaid luncheon, corporate team building event, birthday lunch or other fun event.  Price is based on catering pricing.
  • Cocktail Party – A cocktail party is a lot of fun, and allows for socializing while also getting some hands on experience in the kitchen.  You’ll learn new recipes, drink some spectacular wine and even get to take those new cooking ideas home.  Price is based on size of group and cost of catering.
  • Specialized Classes – These classes include lessons such as knife handling, making pasta/ravioli from scratch, or any other requests that Reto is able to instruct!  The cost of these classes is largely dependent on materials needed, size of group and cost of catering.

To contact Chef Reto about setting up a special cooking class for you and your guests, please click here.